Past Recipients

Rogelio Sáenz

2020 Saber es Poder Award Recipient: Dr. Rogelio Sáenz

Rogelio Sáenz is a sociologist and demographer at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he is professor in the Department of Demography.  He was born and raised in Mercedes, located in the Lower Rio Grande… Read More

2019 Recipient

2019 Saber es Poder Award Recipient: Dr. Dolores Delgado Bernal

Dolores Delgado Bernal, who earned her Ph.D. from UCLA as a first-generation college student, investigates educational (in)equity, Latinx educational pathways, feminista pedagogies, and different forms of resistance.

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Carlos Velez-Ibañez

2018 Saber es Poder Award Recipient: Dr. Carlos Velez-Ibañez

Regents' Professor Carlos Velez-Ibanez is in the School of Transborder Studies and School of  Human Evolution and Social Change,  the Presidential Motorola Professor of Neighborhood Revitalization, and… Read More